Cotton Tipped Brushes

Cotton Tipped BrushesLast November we exhibited at the Country Living Christmas Fair in London.  Some of our customers asked whether we could get hold of some tiny brushes to clean awkward items like narrow necked vases, tea pot spouts, champagne flutes and so on.  This month we have added a selection of cotton tipped brushes to the website to meet these requirements.

From left to right we have:

Glass Cleaning Brush:- this is the largest of all the brushes with a diameter of 6cm and a 49cm handle.  It is suitable for cleaning tall vases, water jugs and large flasks.

Decanter Brush:- this is the same size head as above (6cm diameter) but the handle is bent to make cleaning the bowl of a decanter easier.

Baby Bottle Brush:- designed for baby bottles but also perfect for cleaning out smaller flasks.

2cm Diameter Brush:- this is perfect for Champagne flutes, narrow vases and ornaments.  The handle is 55cm long.

Tiny Cotton Tipped Brush:- the smallest of the set at only 1cm diameter but with a 49cm handle.  This is perfect for tea pot spouts

All these brushes can be used dry as dusters or wet for washing.  All have wire handles with a hanging loop at one end.


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